from the Dude and Doll
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About Us
           We love to play Bluegrass and Country Music and Jam with Others. We are both retired and live in the Lake Texoma Area of North Texas. We have a 33 ft. 5th Wheel RV and enjoy going to Festivals and Jams around our area.
Shorty the Dude
D.W. Shorty Weatherman

I was born in 1937 in Brownwood, Texas. I have lived in Early, Snyder, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Marfa, Midland, Irving, Plano, Austin, and Pottsboro, Texas with a short stay in Metairie, Louisiana (New Orleans Area). Basically Just a Texas Boy at Heart!
Life Interests:
Current -
Country and Bluegrass Music
I am Trying to learn to play my Michael Kelly Acoustic Bass Guitar. Doing pretty good - Ha! -
But having lots of Fun Jamming with other Folks and learning to play the Bass for right now, maybe learn to play Dobro or Mandolin later!
Traveling and Camping in our RV and going to Jams and/or Festivals.
Computers have been my love for over 45 years now and I help support all of my friends with their needs.
Need to stop procrastinating and get my knees fixed.
Past - (Too old and bad knees - ya know!)
Scuba Diving and Instruction
Square dancing
Carolyn the Doll
Carolyn Weatherman

I was born in 1939 in Fort Worth, Texas. I married Shorty in 1957 and then that's when I discovered other parts of Texas like Marfa, Midland, Irving, Dallas, and Metairie, Louisiana, Plano, Texas and now I live on beautiful Lake Texoma out of Pottsboro, Texas. I had my first born in 1960 in Fort Worth and second child in 1961 in Alpine, Texas which was the closest place to a hospital from Marfa.
My Interests are:
Country and Bluegrass Music I like going to the Jams. I'm learning to play the Autoharp and learning to sing too.
I like to Crochet, Embroidery, Plastic Canvas needle work. I have fun going in our RV and camping with our friends.
I like the computer too. I used to ride a Honda 450, now I ride a little bike. I also like to Bowl.
Things I have done before are: Scuba Diving and spear fishing and photography, Square dancing I really did enjoy the square dancing hurt my ankle and can't do it anymore.
I also like to jitterbug too, especially when I was younger.

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